Donate to the Arlington Community Food Bank

EMERGENCY food assistance needed for seniors, children, and families most in need.

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EMERGENCY food assistance needed for seniors, children, and families most in need.

Neighbors in your community need your help!

There is no better time to give then now. Please give whatever you can – be it a $5 donation or $500 donation – to show love and support for the people and communities in which we live. Amid business closures, community members who would have never expected to need help from the Food Bank, have found themselves suddenly out of work, and in immediate need of food assistance. The extreme increase of requests for help has put a major strain on the Food Bank. PLEASE HELP us ensure no person, family or child struggles with having enough food to eat.

Your donation will allow us to continue providing nutritious food FREE to anyone in need. Your donation will also support our Meals ‘til Monday supplemental food program for any student in the Arlington School District struggling with enough to eat.

Want to help even more? Become a proud sponsor of Friends of the Food Bank!

The long-term impact the COVID-19 crisis is having on our community is severe and long lasting. Even after many businesses have re-opened, everyday life is taking time to get back to normal. If you pledge a recurring monthly donation of $25 or more, or donate $300 or more annually you automatically become a PROUD SPONSOR of our Friends of the Food Bank program! By doing this you can help ensure there is enough food to be shared equally, and sustainably, throughout the months to come. Making the compassionate choice to become a Friend of the Food Bank, is showing your ongoing commitment to caring for those in need, especially in a time of crisis. (Make sure your donation frequency is set to MONTHLY when you check out.)

Benefits of joining Friends of the Food Bank: When you become a sponsor you not only receive the gratification of helping others, but you will also receive some awesome promotional swag showing everyone in the community that you are committed to helping others. This includes:

  • Friends of the Food Bank T-shirt (worn like a badge of honor!)
  • PROUD Sponsor window decals and table signs that can be displayed at your home, on your car, or at your place of business.
  • All business sponsors will receive THANK YOU social media post on all outlets, and will be provided the Friends of the Food Bank PROUD SPONSOR logo that you can proudly display on your website.
  • In addition to this, all sponsors will be listed on our website and receive regular correspondence updating you on the work we are doing here at the Food Bank as a direct result of your continued generosity.

What is food insecurity?

1 in 8 people face hunger in Western Washington. 1 in 5 of them are kids. Most food bank guests have jobs and nearly all visitors have homes. Financial and medical difficulties force many people to choose between food, utilities, and medicine. In other words, people just like you and I struggle.

Hunger impacts all of us. Hungry children can't learn, hungry adults are less productive and miss work more frequently, and hungry seniors often must choose between medicine and food.

With the generosity of businesses, organizations and individuals, we are able to offer relief and help end hunger in our neighborhoods.